Tri-Max® Wood Tripod

Certified Accurate, premier instrument tripod in hardwood for vibration-prone environments

The revolutionary design of the Tri-Max tripod series means this tripod will meet ISO standard (12858-2-H) right out of the box, and after years of field use

  • Muddy boots? No problem. The foot is designed with wide, angled tabs so even muddy, slick boots can have a secure grip when setting up
  • Solid one piece 5/8-11 instrument fastener, aluminum, yellow chromate plating
  • Solid one piece 303 Stainless Steel instrument fastener bridge
  • Tested to ASTM G154 weather standard for long life in harsh conditions
  • Brass bushings ensure stability and long life
  • Oversized, 6.5 in (165 mm) diameter flat round head with large center hole to facilitate an easy set-up over a point
  • Paint seal and hinge design make for extremely low maintenance
  • Tri-Max tripods can handle equipment up to 30 kg (65 lb)
  • Length Extended: 71 inches (183 cm)
  • Length Collapsed: 45 inches (114 cm)
  • Weight: 19.65 lb (8.9 kg)

90553-WD — Tri-Max Wood Dual Clamp Tripod

In side-by-side tests with leading competitors, the Tri-Max Wood shows decreased drift over time, increased stability, and increased vibration isolation.

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Download this flyer for more information on Tri-Max Tripods: Tri-Max-Flyer-2-pages
Download the Product Bulletin:  90553-WD-Dual-Clamp-Tri-Max-BULLETIN (pdf)

Put one on your showroom floor – it’s impressive

  • Excellent for high-vibration environments, like construction sites, near highways and in industries like mining
  • Stable footing in muddy and/or slick conditions
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