Tri-Max Wood Dual Clamp Instrument Tripod

PN: 90553-WD
Shipped from:


In side-by-side tests with leading competitors, the Tri-Max Wood shows decreased drift over time, increased stability, and increased vibration isolation.

The Tri-Max®, designed and manufactured by SECO, is the only surveying grade tripod with certified accuracy – highly recommended for all servo driven and robotic total stations, 3-D laser scanners or construction lasers

  • The revolutionary design of this tripod series means this tripod will meet ISO standard (12858-2-H) right out of the box, and after years of field use
  • Features a 6.5-inch Flat head with large center hole (2-5/8 inch) to facilitate an easy set-up over a point
  • Solid one piece 5/8-11 instrument fastener with solid, one-piece 303 Stainless Steel instrument fastener bridge
  • The large foot is designed specifically for surveyors who have asked for wide, angled tabs to allow even muddy boots to have a secure grip when setting up
  • Tested to ASTM G154 weather standard for long life in harsh conditions
  • Brass bushings ensure stability and long life
  • Individual SN for ID and inventory control
  • The Tri-Max can handle equipment up to 65 lb (30 kg)
  • Dual Clamp Lock type
  • Black Hardware, Sealed Hardwood Legs
  • Length Extended: 71 inches (183 cm)
  • Length Collapsed: 45 inches (114 cm)
  • Weight: 19.65 lb (8.9 kg)

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