Subsurface Instruments Magnetic Locator — ML-3LY (Long)

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  • Features include ‘Zero Adjust’ that compensates for ‘magnetic gradient’ in the soil


  • The single narrow LCD monitor is built into the keypad and features a bar graph that expands according to signal strength


  • A ‘+’ or ‘-‘ illuminates above the graph to indicate polarity


  • The SSI ML-3LY computer microprocessor retains volume and gain settings from last use


  • Sturdy tube-through-construction ensures stability and long life


  • Operates up to 200 hours on C alkaline batteries


  • Measures 55 in (1.397 m)


  • Includes soft carrying/storage case (#ML-1-050)


  • Comes with a 7-Year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Weighs 2.50 lb (1.14 kg)