L-Bracket Assembly

PN: 6603-00-050
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  • L-Bracket Assembly Only


  • The flat bottom of the L-Bracket is a large 2.3 x 3.4 inches with five holes for mounting to a variety of surfaces


  • Center pivot hole is 3/8-inch (9.5 mm)


  • The four screw holes are 11/64-inch (4.5 mm) Outside Diameter


  • Features include a -40 mm offset, ± 2 mm, ability to pivot in two axes, stainless-steel locking


  • The system is compatible with all M20 screw-in type prism canisters


  • Other components like the 5/8 x 11 or M8 adapter and washer (#6603-00-051 or #6603-01-051), prism and optional rain hood (#6603-00-005-TMB) are available individually


  • You can configure your specific needs to create or complete your Walleye Prism System (#6603-00/#6603-01)


  • Weighs 0.60 lb (0.27 kg)