Column Clamp for Instruments

PN: 4852-15
Shipped from:



  • The Column Clamp is lightweight but stable
  • Works with all instruments with a 5/8 x 11 base, ideal for lasers and theodolites
  • The column rotates to orientate the instrument when needed and features 1 ft (30 cm) of height adjustment
  • The clamp is designed to fit both round and square column types
  • A ratchet strap quickly tightens into place to create a strong connection to columns with diameters up to 20 inches (0.5 m)
  • The centerline of the 5/8 X 11 stud to column measures 6.5 in (16.5 cm)
  • “Nail holes” in the clamp body allow for attaching to wood corners
  • Constructed of aluminum and stainless steel
  • Weighs 5.10 lb (2.32 kg)

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