Carbon Fiber Rover Rods

Easy set up – meant for years of use in all conditions


  • Includes a one-piece design and two locking systems for stability
  • Zero height, reads direct
  • The snap lock prevents slippage and the compression lock centers the telescopic inner pole and maintains straightness
  • Telescoping rods include standard locking lengths and also have OPTIONAL outer graduations in metric (GM), 10th/100ths (GT)
  • Includes a 40-minute vial

See Models and Prices in Table, below


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5128-20-GMRover Rod, 2M, SNAP-LOC, GM$345.05$144.92
5128-20-QRRover Rod, 2M, CF, SNAP-LOC$509.85$214.14
5128-20Rover Rod, 2M, CF, SNAP-LOC$345.05$144.92
5128-20-GTRover Rod, 2M, SNAP-LOC, GT$345.05$144.92
5128-22-GTRover Rod, 2M, 1.8M, 1.6M, SNAP-LOC$345.05$144.92
5128-22Rover Rod, 2M, 1.8M, 1.6M, SNAP-LOC$345.05$144.92
5128-22-GMRover Rod, 2M, 1.8M, 1.6M, SNAP-LOC$345.05$144.92
5128-24Rover Rod,1.8M, 1.6M, SNAP-LOC, EU$401.19$188.56