Rectangular Series (CR) Leveling Rods

Rounded back corners for better gripping


  • Construction grade leveling (CR) rods offer a rectangular shape with rounded back corners
  • Scale width graduated to fill the entire face of the rod,
  • Measuring scale on the back side that allows for overall height readings
  • Special molded stand-off ribs protect the scales from wear
  • Made with strong fiberglass, which is waterproof and corrosion-resistant
  • CR Rod series is non-conductive
  • Perfect for laser detector mounting with no special brackets required


  • Two-person leveling across the job site
  • Leveling forms and footers
  • Checking elevation
  • Measuring cut and fill

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92001CR-08 FT LEVELING ROD 10THS$63.54$29.86
92002CR-08 FT LEVELING ROD INCHES$63.54$29.86
92021CR-13 FT LEVELING ROD 10THS$95.33$44.81
92022CR-13 FT LEVELING ROD INCHES $95.33$44.81
92026CR-4.0 M LEVELING ROD "E" METRIC $118.05$55.48
92027CR-4.0 .5CM LEVELING ROD METRIC$118.05$55.48
92031CR-20 FT LEVELING ROD 10THS$152.91$71.87
92032CR-20 FT LEVELING ROD 8THS$152.91$71.87
92041CR-16 FT LEVELING ROD 10THS$141.67$66.58
92042CR-16 FT LEVELING ROD 8THS$141.67$66.58
92043CR-5.0M LEVELING ROD PHILLY METRIC$141.67$66.58
92046CR-5.0M LEVELING ROD "E" METRIC$141.67$66.58
92047CR-5.0M .5CM LEVELING ROD METRIC$141.67$66.58
92048CR-5.0 BRITISH "E" METER LEVELING ROD $141.67$66.58